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Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier


Chris Christensen Systems Thick N Thicker's aerosol delivery system gives you the ultimate control with a continous, even spray pattern, it delivers an ultra fine mist for even distribution with zero weight, cutting your grooming time in half.  Immediately builds body, volume, and lift, texturizing from the inside and out to change the diameter of the hair.  Gives volume and body from roots to ends.  This crystal clean bodifying spray allows the natural glow of the coat to shine through... brilliantly.  Ideal working spray, dries quickly, yet manageable and moldable, giving you the ability to straighten unwanted waves.  Easy to style and restyle without flakiness or build-up.  Contains no lacquers and washes out easily with first shampoo.  Flexible and non-tacky, leaves coat touchable with natural feel and look. 


Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein


Chris Christensen Systems Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein will add astonishing volume to any coat type.  Replenishes protein loss creating a striking volume by implanting a high volume of low molecular weight proteins into the hair shaft.  The dense, compact foam base allows easy distribution of the high volume, low molecular proteins throughout the entire coat.  Naturally volumizes thin, skimpy coats while repairing and protecting coat hairs.  Strengthens weakened coat hair shafts and repairs split ends.


Thick N Thicker Gel


Chris Christensen Systems Thick N Thicker Volumizing Gel gives you the ultimate control for setting and styling.  Immediately builds body, volume and lift, texturizing from the inside and out to change the diameter of the hair.  Gives volume and body from roots to ends.  Ideal working gel, manageable and moldable giving you the ability to straighten unwanted waves.  Easy to style and re-style without flakiness or build-up.  Flexible and jon-tacky, leaves coat touchable with a natural feel and look.






Excellent Products!  I wanted to thank you for sending the White on White Shampoo, truly remarkable outcome on my 2 Bichon Frises.  I recently purchased the small slicker and Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein at the Bossier City Show.  What more to say than you are a genius!  Hope to see you at the Bichon Frise National in Albuquerque next week.   I have passed along to my friends how great your products are and they are looking forward to seeing you as well.  Many thanks again, Kathey Harwell - Bichon Frises

Thank you for such wonderful products.  I couldn't have my Poms in show condition without them.  I tried another line but came back to Chris Christensen!!  I use your brushes, shampoos and conditioner, I LOVE the White on White for my cream Pom.   The new foaming protein conditioner really fluffs up the coat on my dogs.  I just finished my Pom male last Friday, and my bitch puppy had 11 points at just 7 months old, good grooming was a factor.  I just couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks for the fantastic help you give me with your products!  Geneva Coats - Chino CA - Poms

To everyone at CC, I recently purchased a one year old white standard poodle and have been using your products on her with amazing results.  I brought her home and started with the Clean Start Kit.  Since then I've been alternating weekly between White on White and Day to Day Moisturizing.  I finish with Thick and Thicker, After Bath and then Ice on Ice.  I use the Ice on Ice as a daily brushing aid as well.  Her coat is growing by leaps and bounds and I recently put her into pattern.  I wanted to send along pictures as a token of gratitude for your wonderful products.  Everyone raves about how beautiful her coat is!  Thanks so much and you have a lifetime customer in Olivia and I.  Sincerely, Catherine Ehr and Olivia

I recently ordered a pin brush, a boar bristle brush and the White on White System kit.   Today I used the White on White shampoo, the Thick N Thicker Protein, After Bath and Ice on Ice finishing spray on my two year old Papillon. WOW!!!  Prior to the use of your products, he's never liked being groomed although I have tried to be as gentle as possible.  He would make nasty faces and bite the brush.  After his bath today, your pin brush went through his coat like a hot knife through butter.  I was done in a matter of minutes and he is one happy little Pap.  And, he smells good too.  I am getting ready for my debut in the conformation ring and knowing that I will not have to make my little guy uncomfortable to make him ring worthy will boost my confidence.   Great products.  Thanks, Julie Paige - Pagosa Springs, Colorado

I just wanted to send an e-mail telling you how much I like your products.  I have 4 Newfoundland's.  I am going to start showing my Landseer male next month.  I have been using the Ice on Ice that I got as a sample and I got a lot of compliments on how soft he was.  Also the White on White is great for his coat and the Thick N Thicker is wonderful to build up his coat.  I just placed another order for more products.  I also gave your web site to Kim Gropp who breeds champion Shi Tzus in Wisconsin.  I will highly recommend your products to anyone who asks what I use.   Thanks for making such great products for dogs.  Sincerely, Liz Meyer - Newfoundland's

Greetings to all you wonderful people at CC Systems! - Several years ago my sister got me another company’s pin brush at a dog show to use on my own thinning hair.  The handle broke (plastic) and the pins constantly needed to be pulled back out.  I also had tried many, many styling products to try to achieve some fullness on my follicle-challenged pate and was getting really tired of strategic placement of each remaining hair.  OH HAPPY DAY!  When I was fortunate enough to come across your web site.  I called and asked about your gold pin brushes and was treated with excellent customer service and was given great info about your products.  I purchased a pin brush, the Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein and the Super Hold Spray. WOW!  Everyone at work has commented on how good my hair looks, and I won't be wasting any more money on useless volumizers and hairsprays.  Thanks for answering my prayers!  A. Porch - San Jose, CA

Hi Lisa-Last week I was at the terrier show in Sacramento, CA and tried some of the Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein.  This product is amazing!  My dog's rather thin appearing leg furnishing looked absolutely gorgeous after using this product.  He is a Kerry Blue Terrier and went on to get Winner's Dog!  So, thank you for developing this product.  I have been using the Day to Day Shampoo on him and this has also improved his coat condition.  Thanks again, Elaine

Dear Chris-After a week of shows last week, I wanted to tell you how much we love your products.   I own four Akitas and it isn't easy finding just the right products that do justice to their coats.  One of my boys is in the process of blowing his coat and I really needed to do something to volumize it before last week's show.  The Thick N Thicker worked beautifully.  Until last week, I was a total addict to something called "Auspicious.After the first day of shows, a friend of mine and I sat down in the grooming room and compared six products, including Auspicious, and found that your product out did them all.  I can't wait to try more!   Thank you for making such great stuff.  Bill Grant - Ultimate Designz – Akitas

Dear Chris-I just had to write and let you know that I have tried your new Volume Response Foaming Protein on my Bernese Mountain Dog Special.  My girlfriend in Michigan who also has a bitch special told me about this new product and while I was at one of the dog shows a few weeks ago I picked up a bottle from Cherrybrook.  My dog at the moment is totally out of coat.  I blow dried the last of the undercoat right out before we went to the shows this weekend.  After using the conditioner he looked gorgeous, but the test was to see what he looked like in the morning as a dog with no undercoat usually looks like an unmade bed the next day.  WOW was I amazed!  My special looked great and I had compliments on his coat while at the shows.  We had three days of shows with huge entries because of a supported entry on Sunday and my special won all three days with competition.  This particular dog is ranked in the top 5 all breed and breed and because we are out almost every weekend he needs to look his best.  After using your product and having three days of shows I am a believer and just finished ordering your 64 oz. size.  Thanks again for a wonderful products, Sindi Leo - L-Sin BMDs and Gunner aka CH L-Sin's Dream's and Desire's

I just had to tell you that I have always bought your Black On Black shampoo.  But I bought your Thick N Thicker Volumizing Protein for the first time for my little GSD girl because she has no hair!  Well, not only did this product make her look thick and full but she held a groom for 4 days!!!  I was so impressed that I just bought a gallon!  Well, since I loved the Thick N Thicker Protein I also tried your Clean Start and your White on White shampoo because I got a Great Pyrenees sent to me to show.  Well, this dog is 1 1/2 and she has been kept in the back yard to run and play in the MUD!  This supposed to be a white dog was brown!  And I do mean BROWN!  Well, anyways to make a long story short I just groomed her in the Clean Start then the White on White and she is WHITE!!!!  I love it so, so now I bought a gallon of both!  I now will only use the CCS Shampoos not only on my own dogs but my clients' as well.   Jennifer Smith - Callisto German Shepherd Dogs, Valle D' Aspe Great Pyrenees 

Hi-I just want to tell you that every time I buy a Chris Christensen Systems product - I just love it.  I started out with Peace & Kindness, then the Thick N Thicker products which are awesome.  I just purchased the Silk Spirits and I really like that too.  I bought the little slicker brush last weekend at a show and one of the Buttercombs and was given a sample of the After Bath - I've used it on 2 of my Aussies and it's also awesome!!!!  Just wanted to let you know to keep those products coming!!!  Peggy - Caliquin Australian Shepherds, Westminster, MD.

Hi Chris and Lisa-I just wanted to send you a copy of our win photo for our 3 point major using Chris Christensen Systems products.  We used your comb, Black on Black Shampoo, Day to Day Moisturizing Conditioner, Silk Spirits, Thick N Thicker Spray, and soon to be on the market the Super Hold Hairspray!!!  Your products are wonderful and thank you for creating such good products.  Sincerely, Sandie McKinley - Standard Poodles


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