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Detail Information on Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo


The one job of Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo is to remove waxes, oils, resins, and build-up on the coat from products that accumulate with regular use.  Product build-up can weigh down the coat, cause it to separate, and cause disappointing results from other shampoos and conditioners. Clean Start differs from regular shampoos in that it contains an acidic ingredient to cut through and remove residues.  It can be used weekly as a build-up remover when a lot of styling products are used, or every third or fourth shampoo to restore coat to a pristine condition.  It is also good for neglected, extra dirty animals or those with excess sebum.  

A “Clean Start” brings clarity.  Pro-vitamin formula creates deep cleansing without stripping the coat of its natural oils.  Good for all canine coat types and a good choice for cats, this shampoo gives the coat a fresh, naturally healthy look and shine.



Dear Lisa:  My name is Murphy Wagnon with Heart of Dixie Basset Hound Rescue in Alabama.  Baba Monk, our breeder advisor uses the entire Chris Christensen line to get her dogs ready for show.  I bought the Clean Start recently at a dog show to try it.  It works so well on my guys, but I was amazed at what Clean Start does for the rescue dogs.  Most of our dogs come from shelters.  They have been strays for a long time or just never well cared for.  Clean Start works wonders on these smelly guys and really makes their coats shine.  They are truly new dogs after just one bath.  Their coats feel wonderful!  It is the only shampoo I've used in over 6 months now, and I've used many different kinds.  Murphy Wagnon - Vice President, Heart of Dixie Basset Hound Rescue Have a a basset!

To everyone at CC, I recently purchased a one year old white standard poodle and have been using your products on her with amazing results.  I brought her home and started with the Clean Start Kit.  Since then I've been alternating weekly between White on White and Day to Day Moisturizing.  I finish with Thick and Thicker, After Bath and then Ice on Ice.  I use the Ice on Ice as a daily brushing aid as well.  Her coat is growing by leaps and bounds and I recently put her into pattern.  I wanted to send along pictures as a token of gratitude for your wonderful products.  Everyone raves about how beautiful her coat is!  Thanks so much and you have a lifetime customer in Olivia and I.  Sincerely, Catherine Ehr and Olivia

Hi, I write to you from India, - got my sister in Singapore to get me your products for my Tibetan Terrier (Bundhu) I use Clean Start, Thick N Thicker, Ice on Ice, and of course Gold on Gold and White on White.  These are quite amazing.  He plays happily and comes back with the dreaded word, MATS!  But, Ice on Ice really helps.  The Pointer, and Foxhounds are also bathed with White on White and Gold on Gold before a show and they look mighty good.  Also use your pocket pin brush, the difference is very evident especially after trying out various other brushes.  The other brushes I am waiting to visit my Sis and have the pleasure of buying it myself.  Keep the good work going and start distributing here to make things easier for me!  A Big Thank You, Raghu and all the dogs at Cotter Kennels


I just had to tell you that I have always bought your Black On Black shampoo.  But I bought your Thick N Thicker Volumizing Protein for the first time for my little GSD girl because she has no hair!  Well, not only did this product make her look thick and full but she held a groom for 4 days!!!  I was so impressed that I just bought a gallon!  Well, since I loved the Thick N Thicker Protein I also tried your Clean Start and your White on White shampoo because I got a Great Pyrenees sent to me to show.  Well, this dog is 1 1/2 and she has been kept in the back yard to run and play in the MUD!  This supposed to be a white dog was brown!  And I do mean BROWN!  Well, anyways to make a long story short I just groomed her in the Clean Start then the White on White and she is WHITE!!!!  I love it so, so now I bought a gallon of both!  I now will only use the CCS Shampoos not only on my own dogs but my clients as well.   Jennifer Smith - Callisto German Shepherd Dogs, Valle D' Aspe Great Pyrenees 

I just received my order from you.  I have a 16 month old bi-color German Shepherd bitch. She absolutely hated grooming until I brushed her with her new 27mm T-Brush.   Now she stands quietly for as long as I want to brush.  We also tried the Clean Start Kit.  She has a short, thin coat for a Shepherd, but your products made her look superb.  And with Ice on Ice she looks as good today as she did yesterday after her bath and blow-dry.  Thanks so much for your great products, Karen


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