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Dear Chris & Lisa- Thank you so much for the seminars you hosted in Dallas.  They were fun and informative and left everyone wanting more.  I'm so excited about the equipment and tools and products that I purchased at the show.  I'm having so much fun with them!! My Kool Dry Dryer arrived a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying it.  I love the variable speed for drying faces and I am amazed at how quiet it is.  I've always been a hardcore K-9 fan, but you may have changed that.  I can't wait until you send out the new nozzle.  It is what really sold me on trying the dryer.  The scissors are the best buy for the price hands down.  I'm so pleased that you make them for us lefties.  It is so hard to find quality shears that are left handed.  THANK YOU.  I'm already trying to decide which pair I need to buy next.  The product that I truly amazing is the wooden pin brush that you had me buy for Visa, my Kerryblue.  I can't believe how it magically de-matts while saving coat yet is so gentle on the dogs.  Another tool of yours that I love for de-matting is the little face/feet Buttercomb.  It works wonders on matted Schnauzers legs and they don't fuss when I use it.  Thank you, Linda Bortles 

Hi, I just wanted to say I got my shipment of combs yesterday!  Thank you for sending them quickly!  I opened up the box and started grooming my Persians, I really like how light they are in my hand, my other combs felt much heavier, and my new combs do glide through the coat with much more ease, just like other cat fanciers said they do....much better than my older and yes, less expensive combs I lost, LOL.  I am glad I made this purchase!  Missy

Hi everyone, I have some news I think you will like.... For those of you that just received your Chris Christensen 2009 catalogue..."The Best of the Best"...check out page 27.  See the NTS Staggered Tooth Buttercomb on the top of the page.  I highly recommend it.  I've used it to remove burrs, and outdoor junk from the coat, and have salvaged felted coats that otherwise would of been shaved.  It's a must for rescue!!  Noreen

Just wanted to let you know I have been in desperate need of a comb or brush for my 1 briard.  Her undercoat is terribly thick, I've shaved her down hoping it would help her blow, so she wouldn't mind being brushed.  Needless to say nothing has worked, until I purchased the Buttercomb-Staggered/Offset Tooth comb...It works great and doesn't get tangled in her hair and the combing time has decreased.  Thanks for the invention.  Pat

Hi Chris, about a month ago I stumbled upon your website by accident (it was a good accident) and was very impressed by how well your products read that I had to order some (Ice on Ice, Show Off, Day to Day Shampoo, Fusion Brush, Boar Brush, Buttercombs, the Zone and Termite Shears).  My sheltie of almost 17 years passed on in February of this year and I now have a sheltie pup that is 9 months old.  Billy did have and Chance will have a gorgeous coat of hair and I am so very pleased to have found such a good selection of grooming products and tools.  There is absolutely no comparison between the pet store products and tools and yours.  The brushes, combs and of course the Ice on Ice are the greatest!!!  The brushes and combs literally glide right through a fairly course coat of hair.  The Ice on Ice is going to be great as Chance gets his adult coat.  It allows for easy brushing without changing the texture of the sheltie hair.  It is everything you said it is!!  For the sheltie, it is great to work into the areas behind the ears, armpits and around the collar to prevent matting.  For the little bit of trimming of the feet and ears to keep the sheltie tidy, the termite and zone are wonderful.  I can't believe how smoothly and easily they cut - so unlike most shears that saw the hair.  Although I have only one dog, I will certainly pass on your name to anyone looking for excellent grooming products and tools.  Lastly, I want to mention how great your customer service department is.  Being a new customer and not familiar with the products - being I had only the information I read on the website, of course I had some questions.  When I was ready to order, the customer service person that I spoke with had all the time and knowledge needed so that I was sure I was getting the right products and tools for my sheltie.  Again, my compliments for a great line and for having such good customer service available for your customers.  It was like talking to a friend over the phone while placing the order.  I usually don't take time to write about products, but I am just so pleased to have found the Chris Christensen line that I had to let you know.  All the best, Lisa Sluzewski 

Dear Chris, I am a great believer in the old adage "it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools".  I am also a firm believer in using equipment and shampoos that will make my job easier and the results better.  I was first introduced to Chris and his products many years ago.  The first product that I used was his whitening shampoo.  It was apparent that to all of us that there was no product to compare to it.  Then I sampled one of his pin brushes.  My reaction was to throw out all my old brushes in my tack box and buy three more!!  I am serious when I tell you that this is the same reaction we have had to all of Chris's products.  From shampoos and conditioners to blow dryers, from stripping knives to thinning shears to brushes and combs.  I am not the hardest "sell" in my organization.  Anyone who knows my daughter, Jenny, KNOWS we refer to her as the "queen of products".  She is our biggest fan of Chris's products.  If you were to ask me why his products are superior, I can sum it up easily.  Chris is a perfectionist.  He is innovative and he listens to his customers.  His products are always the top of the line.  If you have any suggestions, he is always willing to listen.  How refreshing is that!!!!!! Sincerely, Wood Wornall

I received my order yesterday for the grooming items I ordered last week.  I want to thank you for the great level of service your firm and personnel provide as well as the variety and quality of products you offer.  I have purchased some of the Chris Systems products from you previously, both at dog shows and from your web site.  I am always thrilled with the quality and the results.  My girl Gaia (a 2.5 year old bouvier) is a big fan.  She loves to be groomed with her new pin brush and comb and I really enjoy using them.  They are so comfortable for both of us and deliver great results.  I am going to add the new Fusion brush to my list of "needs", perhaps Santa will help me out.  I have been singing your praises to many of my friends and fellow yahoo group members.  It is so great to have a Canadian company that I can purchase these (and many other) items from.  I have suggested Ice on Ice, which is somewhat of a miracle product for those of us with dogs carrying long, thick, prone to mat coats many times to other bouvier cyber friends on my bouvier list.  I suspect with the dreaded snow clumps soon to be happening that many of them will be ordering this from you.  Thanks again, Mary Heath and Gaia the gorgeous

We purchased your ZONE - Trimming Shear, Blunted & Fillistered 5.5" Shear in Ocala, FL at the Gainesville show last Sunday, January 26, 2008.  We also got two Gold Series 20mm and 27mm brushes and a silver 20mm pocket/toy brush, the 7.5" inch skip tooth comb and a snap-on handle, and the Mark X tiny head slicker.  The vendor also gave us a sample White on White Kit.  If your grooming products works as well as your brushes/combs/shears, I'm sure we will be using full-size products shortly.  We have two Bearded Collies and plan to add a couple more, so your tools are fabulous!  And tonight we are ordering a Mark V triangle slicker, having used another Beardie couple's Mark V on one of their dogs and being highly impressed.  We are so impressed.  I'd say your tools will cut 75% off our grooming time.  Thanks for being out there!  If the vendor had not let us take a brush to a Beardie and test it, I would not believe how effective your brushes are.  And another Beardie friend was adding to her set of Christensen brushes and swore by your products.  People who don't have long-haired, double-coated dogs could never understand Beardie peoples' excitement at finding tools that work so well and save so much time.   Rod & Laura Brooker - Tampa FL. 

Dear Chris & Lisa- Just wanted you to know how much I love your new shears - the 7" straight & curved and the 7" blending/thinning shear.  The way you coated the finger grips rather than using rubber comforts is a great improvement too.  I have already used all of them on my show Westies.  The 7" blender, because of its longer stroke does not leave tracks when used along the neck or chest - WOW!  I also had to have your new detangle comb - staggered tooth, it is very substantial to hold and work with, but better to be able to successfully work out a knot rather than cutting it out and thus losing coat.  Finally, thank you for the BB Tail Teasing comb also, I am forever in your debt for making my dreams reality.  My best regards, Ashscot Westies

Dear Chris-I want to thank you for being open to listen to what a handler needs to make a dog look its best!!  Your new #003 Buttercomb is fantastic.  I show Pomeranians and was never happy with any of the combs on the market because they pulled out too much hair on the double coated breeds.  I use your pin brush to thoroughly brush out the coat and around the lead.  I used to think that I had all the hair standing out like it should, until I used your comb I didn't realize that I hadn't even come close!  This comb with the wider distance between the teeth allows you to finish the job so that each hair stands up and gives the appearance that you have twice as much coat as before without pulling any coat out.  I use the wider end to bring all the hair that gets trapped under the lead up so that it stands off and gives a nice full look around the ruff and I use the narrow end to brush the hair around the face up so the face is full.  There is NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT!  And NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU!  I thank you over and over again!!!  Sincerely, Amy Gross - Classic Pomeranians

Hi-We love your products.  Thank you for your newest catalog.  We now only use your combs and brushes which are easy to use and kind to the coat - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you for developing these products.  We especially liked the new After Bath you sent us last year.  We used it after my shampoo for a conditioner.  I am also a Therapy D and clients always comment on how nice, clean, soft and shiny  my hair is and I smell sooooo good.  My mom is ordering some more of your products and I also sent you pictures of my new brother "Buster Brown".  And, of course my mom thanks you too!  Thanks, Classy - Sassy, I'm 4 years old

To Chris Christensen-Sorry this thank you is late being sent to you.  I met you at the Portland shows this past January and you kindly sent me one of your new Buttercombs.  "I Love It!!!!!"  It is amazing how it goes through the dog’s hair so easily.  Now with my 27mm oval pin brush, the Mark III and Mark V slickers and your grooming products, grooming the dogs has never been easier.  I really mean it and they look better than ever before.  Thank you, Linda Mullen - Tahluu Siberians

Hi-I just want to tell you that every time I buy a Chris Christensen Systems product - I just love it.  I started out with Peace & Kindness, then the Thick N Thicker products which are awesome.  I just purchased the Silk Spirits and I really like that too.  I bought the little slicker brush last weekend at a show and one of the Buttercombs and was given a sample of the After Bath - I've used it on 2 of my Aussies and it's also awesome!!!!  Just wanted to let you know to keep those products coming!!!  Peggy - Caliquin Australian Shepherds, Westminster, MD.

Hello-I just wanted to thank you so much for your Amazing products!  I have 3 Lhasa Apsos, all in full show coat.  My male just became a champion in December thanks to your wonderful products, Gold pin brushes, great combs and helpful advice!  I was floundering before!  I also wanted to let you know that I order 2 to 3 brushes and combs at a time, and I used to take them all to the shows, I would bring a VERY LARGE BAG of very expensive products, but every show those brushes and combs were missing!   People know a GOOD THING when they see it!  I guard them with my life now!   They are not that expensive, well worth the value, but I can't be without my Chris Christensen brushes and combs.  Thanks again so much, Diane Pfeifer

Hi Chris and Lisa-I just wanted to send you a copy of our win photo for our 3 point major using Chris Christensen Systems products.  We used your comb, Black on Black Shampoo, Day to Day Moisturizing Conditioner, Silk Spirits, Thick N Thicker Spray, and soon to be on the market the Super Hold Hairspray!!!  Your products are wonderful and thank you for creating such good products.  Sincerely, Sandie McKinley - Standard Poodles



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