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More Information on Peace & Kindness


Available in Spray 8 oz. & 4 oz. New non-breakable packaging!  For topical use on: Cuts, Scrapes, Open Sores, Ear Infections (except gel), Fungus, Itchy Areas, Acne, Hot Spots, Abscesses, Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy, Burns, Parasitic Infections (viral & fungal), Blood Parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Infections, Virus Warts, Inflammations, Virus (all forms), Yeast Infections, Seborrhea, Scaling or Dandruff, Skin Irritations Caused From Allergic Reactions and 650 OTHER KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!!! INGREDIENTS: 100% Distilled Structured Water With .999 PURE SILVER Colloidal Silver at 30ppm.



Peace & Kindness is a completely natural antibiotic that is just as effective as it's synthetic counterparts BUT CAUSES NO SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY KIND.  Unknown to most of us, the medical community has been aware of the anti-microbial power of SILVER since the early 1900's.  As a matter of fact SILVER has been medically proven to be one of the best infection fighting agents ever discovered.



Medical research over the last century has revealed that SILVER has wide-ranging and powerful medical applications.  Colloidal Silver has been successfully tested at the UCLA Medical Labs where it killed every virus on which it was tested.

Chris Christensen Systems Peace & Kindness is 30ppm (parts per million) of PURE SILVER, the most effective and necessary concentration needed for external uses to absorb into the tissue and can actually destroy MORE THAN 650 KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!!!


PEACE & KINDNESS™ For Skin Problems

The skin protects the organs and tissues within the body from invasions of foreign substances. Since the skin is the guard at the door, it is always being attacked and we are always fighting skin problems. It is essential to have healthy skin for the overall well being of internal health. Peace & Kindness ingredients works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, it suffocates the bad guys, but leaves unharmed the essential "friendly" bacteria.


PEACE & KINDNESS™ Is A Natural Alternative To Antibiotics

Peace & Kindness is an amazing natural alternative to antibiotics and steroids. There is no disease causing bacteria that can live in the presence of Peace & Kindness ingredients. Many strains of pathogenic microbes-viruses, fungi, bacteria or any other single-celled pathogen-resistant to other antibiotics are killed on contact and are unable to mutate without harming tissue-cell enzymes or friendly bacteria.



Peace & Kindness is absolutely non-toxic to dogs, cats, horses as well as humans, can virtually even be used on viral warts around the mouth. Completely tasteless, odorless, non-stinging and non-burning to sensitive tissues including the eyes. A safe all around germ-fighter, safe to use even on puppies and kittens. No recorded reaction with other medications, and the body does not develop any dependencies or tolerances, excellent for veterinary uses.


PEACE & KINDNESS™ Stimulates Healing

Peace & Kindness profoundly stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues in a way unlike any known other natural process, and it promotes new cell growth. Peace & Kindness contains only natural ingredients that help the body fight infections just like synthetic antibiotics, but without their damaging side effects. Peace & Kindness has a pH of approximately 6.5 and will not discolor coat color or leave behind any residue. Available in Spray for topical use on : Cuts, Scrapes, Open Sores, Ear Infections, Fungus, Itchy Areas, Acne, Hot Spots, Abscesses, Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy, Burns, Parasitic Infections (viral & fungal), Blood Parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Infections, Virus Warts, Inflammations, Virus (all forms), Yeast Infections, Seborrhea, Scaling or Dandruff, Skin Irritations Caused From Allergic Reactions and 650 OTHER KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!!! 





Hi Amanda:


You are right, I spoke with my repo vet and the ingredients in Peace & Kindness will not harm a pregnant bitch.  I just have to share with you how very grateful I am to Chris Christensen and company for providing this product.  My poor girl has allergies to our dirt I think, but her paws itch and burn so badly that she is licking at them all the time!!  I literally mean all the time she is awake.   It made me feel like crying every time I looked over and saw how miserable she was with all that licking and itching.  Plus after licking her paws, her saliva with the yeastie stuff would get on her chin and then her chin would itch.  She has actually scratched her chin raw in several places. I received the order today with the Peace & Kindness in it, I immediately  applied it to her chin and paws.  She licked for about fifteen minutes and then stopped.  That was mid afternoon.  I have not seen her lick her paws or scratch her chin since then and it is almost midnight.  I just applied it for the second time before I put her in her crate, but there is NO licking or scratching going on.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for this product.  It is like a miracle and I'll be sure to tell it to everyone I know.  Never have I seen anything work so quickly for skin issues.  You can be sure I will be stocking up on large quantities of it and sharing the knowledge frequently.  Thanks so much for providing relief to a tired, itchy pregnant girl and her stressed out owner,

Judy Ransom - Ransom Creek Goldens



Hi Lisa & Chris:

As you know I am a BIG fan of your products.  My Standard Poodle has had nothing else and at 15 months has a huge coat, 14 points (looking for the last major...there hasn't been one anyplace!) and a first time Standard owner.  We got through the dread coat change with Ice on Ice and a collection of awesome brushes with no damage...thanks to you.  The one problem we have had is a very bad left ear.  I think I've spent close to $1000 at various vets and specialist trying to clear it up and it just comes right back.  While at the last Portland Oregon shows, I stopped by The 3-C's (they had a great display of your products, but we missed seeing you guys) to stock up and bought a bottle of Peace & Kindness spray.  There were so many comments about the broad application of this product that I wanted to give it a try.  I used it for 10 days and its clear!  I mean really clear.  No discharge, no smell, no head shaking, no squeak when I handle his ear.  What do you put in that stuff?  Its magic!  I will continue to use it for his weekly cleaning along with Mystic Ear Cleaner and it's now a permanent part of the grooming case.  Did I mention that is also sooths clipper burn on the spot (he also has a very tender skin and I always seem to nick his feet at least once).  Once again, you have the best products ever and the only ones I will ever use.  I'll send you a picture when we finish!

Thanks again, Judy Paris, Bothell, WA. 



My husband is the Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's Dept here, and he and one of his sergeants had to make a boat ride up the Mississippi River for over 20 miles.  Needless to say, both men were TERRIBLY sunburned.  The Captain has very fair skin and red hair, and due to his having been in contact with Agent Orange in VietNam, he has been treated many years ago for skin cancers.  When he came home, I IMMEDIATELY began spraying all the sunburned skin with Peace and Kindness, and each and every time the spray would dry, I'd re-apply it.  By the next morning, his terrible sunburn was only a minor discomfort!  When he got to the Law Enforcement Complex, his sergeant, who has an olive complexion, was in a REAL mess!  Since he had no Peace and Kindness spray, he looked like a lobster!  He asked the Captain what he used that made SUCH a dramatic difference, and my husband said, "Linda used some kind of spray... I think it's called Peaches and Cream!"  He STILL calls it that, and after hearing all that we've used this "miracle spray" for many of the staff members have ordered their own PEACHES AND CREAM!  This stuff really matter WHAT you call it!  Keep up the good work!!!!

Linda Tubbs Bell - Specialscots Scottish Terriers in Tennessee



Incredible Product


I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with your Peace and Kindness Spray.  One of our Shelties, Annie Laurie, was spayed two weeks ago using laser surgery.  Unfortunately, her incision began to reopen.  Our vet recommended we crate her for a full week, and if there was no improvement she would have to be re-sutured.  We started using Peace and Kindness twice a day, and in 48 hours the seeping portion was closed.  Two days later the incision appeared virtually healed.  Why we didn't use it immediately after surgery is beyond me!  Thank you for this fine product - it works better than advertised.  We'll never be without it.


Chris Lafferty - Nattering Springs Shelties



You won't believe this but John's "mystery" rash is completely GONE!!!!   In a matter of a few spritz's, all of the pesky crusty stuff and red irritation is no longer visible to the eye.  He told me the skin feels completely normal, no sensation to scratch.  He is supposed to return to the dermatologist in late September for a re-check and I told him to bring the bottle of Peace & Kindness so when the doctor tries to write another prescription for some steroid ointment or some such thing, he can first show this product, then roll up his pant legs to show the RESULTS!   My Airedale, Koshare is also doing very nicely.  I'll enclose her blog so   you can see just how head over heels I am about her.  It will show her great coat, so you can appreciate just how much we are enjoying your line of brushes and now the best skin product ever.  Peace & Kindness rocks!!!!

Many, many thanks from my husband, John and my Airedale, Koshare. - Debbie



I've ordered items from you several times, and I guess I am the #1 fan of Peace and Kindness.  I can't tell you how many times I've recommended this spray!!!  I know that one of my friends wrote to tell you that you should be paying me commissions for all the recommendations I've made!!!

Linda Tubbs-Bell - Specialscots Scottish Terriers



My Peke male has had some little bumps around his mouth and chin for over a year now and I have tried everything to get rid of it, and just yesterday I looked in my grooming cabinet and I found one of your bottles of "Peace & Kindness" and I figured "it can't help, but you never know" so I tried it. I sprayed some on him around 5:00 pm and then around 8:00pm, and guess what? At 6:00 am today all the bumps are gone. I really just want to say THANK YOU!!! so much. I and my boy are forever thankfull....

Montgomery Osorio - Dralion Pekingese



Hi Chris,


I am so happy that I found the Peace & Kindness at a show yesterday.  When I saw it I told two of my friends about what it was and how it worked.  They both bought a bottle as well.  One of them has a bad case of eczema on her hands and legs.   She bought it yesterday, Sunday, used it last night and several times today.   I just got off the phone with her, she is thrilled!!  She said there is a tremendous difference already and she is so glad that I talked her into buying it!   Just wanted to let you know about another satisfied customer.


Joyce Katona - San Diego California



Dear Chris Christensen Systems,


I can attest and strongly endorse Peace & Kindness.  It is a colloidal silver product and has a myriad of uses.  It's like a miracle anti-biotic, anti-fungal.   I use it on my dogs and myself.  Literally cleared up massive ear infection after a case of sarcoptic mange.  The canine dermatologist wanted to give me (of course, not GIVE) an antibiotic with steroids, I told him I wanted to use the colloidal silver "Peace & Kindness" and that I thought it would work.  His comment, "It will work, might even work better."  And work it did, in four days the ears were healed and the even better part is that stuff is soothing so Jack would not fight me, in fact he'd lean into me as I put it in his ears.  This is a product I will never live without!  (no personal interest in this company, and the usual disclaimers)


Carol Saint Maria -  Franklin Michigan



Dear C.C.S


My long-haired Dachshund, CA. Santeckel's JOSHUA, has had a skin problem for 4 years as a result of an allergic condition.  My wonderful Vet referred us to one of the top allergy specialist in the country.  To fast-forward, Joshua is free (with some shots) from the skin problems and has been used as a "poster-child" for this specialist because I treated each sore with "Peace & Kindness."  Joshua never lost coat!  Even better, no harsh licking or biting!  On our last visit to the specialist his parting words were - "keep using that Texas stuff" and I will indeed.


Rose Petry - San Diego California



It cured a couple of my friends of severe sinus and ear infections and then when I used it in desperation, it worked!  I used the spray and dropped it in my ears and a miracle happen.  I will definitely use it again for me or the dogs if anything requires it.

Kay from N. GA



Dear Lisa:


Thank you ever so much for sending the Peace & Kindness Spray!  Graham - my darling Golden Retriever is allergic to grass and really needed his allergy relief.   Can you imagine a dog being allergic to grass?  Fortunately he lives in the house so his exposure is limited, but it is summertime and he does love to work in the garden with me.  He has been allergy tested and had the allergy shots, but absolutely nothing gives him the relief that Peace & Kindness does. 

Thank you again,

Anne Sullivan - Golden Retriever



Good Morning,


I'm a member to a group of Scottish Terriers owners that have a message board to which we all respond to different topics, such as skin problems, cancer, etc.  There is a lady that posts Peace & Kindness is a must for anyone who has skin problems.   And, it comes up a lot!!!!!  Terriers tend to have skin problems, and Linda Bell ( ALWAYS gives your product a plug, which is usually 2 or 3 times a week!  I bought it, and I love it!!!  She even offered if I bought it, and didn't like it she'd buy it from me!!! Now that's a lady you need to send commissions checks to!!  Just thought I'd write, and thank you for a great product, and let you know how I found it!


Gina Smith - Scottish Terriers



Regarding Peace & Kindness,


I LOVE this stuff!!!  It works on EVERYTHING...people AND animals!!!!  I recommend it SO much my friends think that I own stock in the company!! (G) is TRULY AMAZING!!!  THANKS!!!




I love your products and would love to have you link my web site to yours, I am always giving others your site to recommend your items, I especially love the Peace & Kindness, works wonderful on my Bullmastiffs.  May I also put you on my web-site?


Betty Ruffini -



Dear Chris:

I just had to e-mail you to thank you for this wonderful product called "Peace and Kindness".  It was given to me by a substitute teacher.  She occasionally subs at Austin High School where I am a teacher aide there.


I was bitten by a spider on my left arm about 3 weeks ago.  I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and penicillin.  The antibiotics gave me severe naseau and diarhhea.  I only took them for 4 days and then stopped.  Well, I did not feel I was healing properly; the doctor had to lance the spider bite; he then told me to put neosporin and to cover it.  It was continuing to hurt and the area was red.

Just this past Friday, Sept, 26, 2003 Ms. Cohen, the teacher that gave me a the   "Peace and Kindness", I noticed that after about an hour of spraying the area, it was actually SHRINKING!!!  I was so STUNNED and AMAZED at the results.   She practically guaranteed me that I would start feeling better and that I would see amazing results.  I still had some doubts that it would shrink as dramatically as it has.  It is now Monday, September 29, about 5p.m. and the wound is 3/4 cleared up, with no redness, and I can see a scab forming now.



By the way, do you have any products for cats?  I also want to order a bottle of Peace and Kindness to have handy here at all times.  Also, Ms. Cohen is the proud owner of 11 shelties; they are so cute and she swears by your products.  SHE SEEMS SO IMPRESSED WITH YOU!  Thank you again.

Cecilia Ramirez

Dear Chris-I met you some time ago working with Jane Brumbaugh at her Orlando Show.  I was doing set-up and tear-down for her.  I truly enjoyed meeting you.  When you were there you gave me a bottle of Silk Spirits for my own hair and later I bought another.   I would not go a day without putting it in my hair.  The change I have seen in my hair is amazing.  Everywhere I go someone asks me what I use in my hair, even my stylist is amazed at how soft and manageable my hair is.  I thank you for making this product.  I now have to order more.  I wanted to suggest to you that you advertise on your web site how wonderful this product is for humans as well as man’s best friend.  Another thing, my hair has not seen a split end since I started using it.   In my opinion Silk Spirits is the most wonderful hair product ever invented.   Also, a word about Peace & Kindness, everyone should have a bottle of that everywhere they go.  It is good for anything, scrapes, cuts, bites and burns.   It takes the pain away and speeds healing.  You are truly wonderful and please keep making these wonderful products.  And, take my advice and advertise Silk Spirits for human hair also.  Sincerely, Misty Foraker

Great!  Great!  Great!  Peace & Kindness - What a product....Where has this stuff been all my grooming days.  Hate to admit it sometimes but I have been grooming 35 years.  I started when I was two, lol.  This is the greatest thing.  I have a German Shepherd that I rescued a number of years ago.  He has been seen by a Vet a number of times.  All because he had a staph infection or skin irritation of some kind.  Never could he give me an answer or a cure!  Pred. followed by two week tour of antibiotics only to be fine for a while then back to the same old thing.....Not this time.  Peace and Kindness has won my vote.  Thank you for such a wonderful product.  I've just ordered another bottle.  Thanks, Phyllis

My Peke male has had some little bumps around his mouth and chin for over a year now and I have tried everything to get rid of it, and just yesterday I looked in my grooming cabinet and I found one of your bottles of "Peace & Kindness" and I figured "it can't help, but you never know" so I tried it.  I sprayed some on him around 5:00 p.m. and then around 8:00pm, and guess what?  At 6:00 am today all the bumps are gone.  I really just want to say THANK YOU!!! so much.  I and my boy are forever thankful.... Sincerely, Montgomery Osorio - Dralion Pekingese

Hi-I just want to tell you that every time I buy a Chris Christensen Systems product - I just love it.  I started out with Peace & Kindness, then the Thick N Thicker products which are awesome.  I just purchased the Silk Spirits and I really like that too.  I bought the little slicker brush last weekend at a show and one of the Buttercombs and was given a sample of the After Bath - I've used it on 2 of my Aussies and it's also awesome!!!!  Just wanted to let you know to keep those products coming!!!  Peggy - Caliquin Australian Shepherds, Westminster, MD.

We have turned may people onto your brushes... we love them (someone else must have thought they look great too... they stole our 20mm pocket brush, we take to the ringside, with our name, me on it in large letters... they still took it).  So, I just ordered another one, plus two of your gold series, thinking they will stand out more and we will be able to keep an eye on them better.  We have Shiloh Shepherds (plush coat), our fur kids love to be brushed with your brushes (my one guy, lays right down when he sees I'm coming to brush him with you T-Brush) the other two love them also.  It seems to make brushing easier, and their coats shiny.  Also, our one fur kid stepped on a bee at a rest stop, besides giving him Benadryl, we put your Peace & Kindness spray on his paw, it seemed to give him some relief, continued it during the evening, then the next day his paw seemed good as new, he was good to go for the Show.  Everyone (Shiloh people), that have tried our brushes, have gone home and ordered them, they just love your products.  We will continue to spread the word on your products... they are wonderful!!! Thank you.  Big Licks from our Fur kids Sincerely, Traci & Gary Runyon


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