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I have a very heavy coated Bench Eng. Setter.  I have used your Boar Bristle Brush, Silk Spirits, After Bath and Ice on Ice.  Two things I "can't live without" are the brush and Silk Spirits!  My setter gets matted very easily.  I rub Silk Spirits between my finger and her hair, and take a comb and the mat just slips away.  Great product.  Debbie B

Hello-I recently bought your Day to Day Shampoo, Day to Day Conditioner, and the Ice on Ice ready-to-use spray and used it for the first time yesterday.  Your shampoo, conditioner and spray are incredible!  I have finally found products that deliver what is promised!  My Yorkies look wonderful, feel wonderful, smell wonderful and the absolute best part...the comb went through their coats like tangles and I had forgotten to brush before bathing!  Thank you so very much for your great products.   I will be buying again and again!  Nola - Yorkshire Terriers

Hi Chris, about a month ago I stumbled upon your website by accident (it was a good accident) and was very impressed by how well your products read that I had to order some (Ice on Ice, Show Off, Day to Day Shampoo, Fusion Brush, Boar Brush, Buttercombs, the Zone and Termite Shears).  My sheltie of almost 17 years passed on in February of this year and I now have a sheltie pup that is 9 months old.  Billy did have and Chance will have a gorgeous coat of hair and I am so very pleased to have found such a good selection of grooming products and tools.  There is absolutely no comparison between the pet store products and tools and yours.  The brushes, combs and of course the Ice on Ice are the greatest!!!  The brushes and combs literally glide right through a fairly course coat of hair.  The Ice on Ice is going to be great as Chance gets his adult coat.  It allows for easy brushing without changing the texture of the sheltie hair.  It is everything you said it is!!  For the sheltie, it is great to work into the areas behind the ears, armpits and around the collar to prevent matting.  For the little bit of trimming of the feet and ears to keep the sheltie tidy, the termite and zone are wonderful.  I can't believe how smoothly and easily they cut - so unlike most shears that saw the hair.  Although I have only one dog, I will certainly pass on your name to anyone looking for excellent grooming products and tools.  Lastly, I want to mention how great your customer service department is.  Being a new customer and not familiar with the products - being I had only the information I read on the website, of course I had some questions.  When I was ready to order, the customer service person that I spoke with had all the time and knowledge needed so that I was sure I was getting the right products and tools for my sheltie.  Again, my compliments for a great line and for having such good customer service available for your customers.  It was like talking to a friend over the phone while placing the order.  I usually don't take time to write about products, but I am just so pleased to have found the Chris Christensen line that I had to let you know.  All the best, Lisa Sluzewski 

Hi- I wanted to say that your products are great.  I bought the Day to Day Shampoo and Conditioner, Ice on Ice and Silk Spirits last week for my Maltese.  I finally gave him a bath today with the supplies and absolutely loved them.  He is sooooo silky soft.  I will certainly buy again. Thanks, Shannon Allred and Cozmo (the Maltese)

Hi, I usually don't believe testimonials or think "even though it worked for them, it won't work for me."  I've used the White on White, Day to Day and Ice on Ice for my Maltese and her coat truly has never looked better.  Before it was dry and brittle.  One day I picked her up from the groomer and she looked like a giant powder puff - lots of static and flyaway hair. Although her tearing is down to a minimum now, she still has some staining from previous tearing.  It is actually disappearing!   Her coat is a beautiful white, and it is very silky and beautiful.  I used to be envious when I looked at other Malts and saw those long, silky and luxurious coats.   Now I know Hope is on her way to having a beautiful coat as well.  Thank you for a wonderful line of products.  Amari Sokoya Pearson-Fields, MPH

I received my order yesterday for the grooming items I ordered last week.  I want to thank you for the great level of service your firm and personnel provide as well as the variety and quality of products you offer.  I have purchased some of the Chris Systems products from you previously, both at dog shows and from your web site.  I am always thrilled with the quality and the results.  My girl Gaia (a 2.5 year old bouvier) is a big fan.  She loves to be groomed with her new pin brush and comb and I really enjoy using them.  They are so comfortable for both of us and deliver great results.  I am going to add the new Fusion brush to my list of "needs", perhaps Santa will help me out.  I have been singing your praises to many of my friends and fellow yahoo group members.  It is so great to have a Canadian company that I can purchase these (and many other) items from.  I have suggested Ice on Ice, which is somewhat of a miracle product for those of us with dogs carrying long, thick, prone to mat coats many times to other bouvier cyber friends on my bouvier list.  I suspect with the dreaded snow clumps soon to be happening that many of them will be ordering this from you.  Thanks again, Mary Heath and Gaia the gorgeous

Dear Chris-I have been using your products on my Havanese from the time I first got him about 2 1/2 years ago.  I showed him to his Championship and his coat always looked sensational using Ice on Ice, Silk Spirits, and the Day to Day Shampoo and Conditioner.   I recently bought some After Bath when I saw it at a show, and I also love it.   I really love the scents of your products, too.  I've told everyone who comments on how wonderful his coat looks that I use Chris Christensen products on him.   I never have a worry about whether they will cause him to itch or have an allergic reaction.  Thank you for making such a great product line!  Sincerely, Jane Vollers - Dallas TX.

Greetings!-I am so thrilled with your pin brushes and wanted to tell you so!  I show-groom my 3 year old Havanese and use your 27mm brushes; the little wonder, the pocket brush, and oval size 27mm and the oblong 27mm.  Love them all!!!  I just recommended your Ice on Ice to a new Havanese owner and wanted to send her to your site for the wonderful articles on coat care.  Chris Christensen wrote a wonderful article on how to line brush and how to avoid hair breakage.  You have a wonderful product line!  I also loved using the Silk Spirits!!!  Thanks for sending the sample!  I ordered it from Cherrybrook!  All best regards, Alison Brackman - Brooklyn, NY – Havanese

To everyone at CC, I recently purchased a one year old white standard poodle and have been using your products on her with amazing results.  I brought her home and started with the Clean Start Kit.  Since then I've been alternating weekly between White on White and Day to Day Moisturizing.  I finish with Thick and Thicker, After Bath and then Ice on Ice.  I use the Ice on Ice as a daily brushing aid as well.  Her coat is growing by leaps and bounds and I recently put her into pattern.  I wanted to send along pictures as a token of gratitude for your wonderful products.  Everyone raves about how beautiful her coat is!  Thanks so much and you have a lifetime customer in Olivia and I.  Sincerely, Catherine Ehr and Olivia

Hey Lisa, I recently purchased some products from you to groom my show Llamas.  I will have to say your brushes and Ice on Ice are AWESOME and we came home from our show with a Reserve Grand Champ for my 2 yr. LT wool male and a Grand Champ in Jr. Performance.  Thank you so much, and I look forward to using your products at our next show in June!!  Rebecca Wood 

Hi-I just used your products for the first time on my 2 Yorkies.  They both have very long hair and one of them has very dry hair!  I had been sick for a while after heart surgery and had not been able to groom them properly, so they were kind of tangled and matted.  Your products are MIRACLES!!! I will NEVER use anything else again.   The knots just slid out, but no greasy feel.  Thank you so very much for making a hard job so much easier on me and them too!!! They are sooooo happy, Thank you, Carolyn Wood - Lollipop and Pretzel

CCS-I have to tell you.  I tried Ice on Ice for the first time today and am now your most loyal fan!!  I have 6 Yorkies, all with different hair structures.  One's hair is almost like satin, one is soft, and fine, three are sort of wiry and one is like cotton candy!  I have NEVER been able to use the same conditioner on all of them.   I did today, and they are all soft, shiny and the comb glided right through their hair.  I love it!! It almost makes me wish I was a Groomer so I could brag about it.  Thank you, Sue Smith - Hesperia GA.

I recently ordered a pin brush, a boar bristle brush and the White on White System kit.   Today I used the White on White shampoo, the Thick N Thicker Protein, After Bath and Ice on Ice finishing spray on my two year old Papillon. WOW!!!  Prior to the use of your products, he's never liked being groomed although I have tried to be as gentle as possible.  He would make nasty faces and bite the brush.  After his bath today, your pin brush went through his coat like a hot knife through butter.  I was done in a matter of minutes and he is one happy little Pap.  And, he smells good too.  I am getting ready for my debut in the conformation ring and knowing that I will not have to make my little guy uncomfortable to make him ring worthy will boost my confidence.   Great products.  Thanks, Julie Paige - Pagosa Springs, Colorado

I just wanted to send an e-mail telling you how much I like your products.  I have 4 Newfoundland's.  I am going to start showing my Landseer male next month.  I have been using the Ice on Ice that I got as a sample and I got a lot of compliments on how soft he was.  Also the White on White is great for his coat and the Thick N Thicker is wonderful to build up his coat.  I just placed another order for more products.  I also gave your web site to Kim Gropp who breeds champion Shi Tzus in Wisconsin.  I will highly recommend your products to anyone who asks what I use.   Thanks for making such great products for dogs.  Sincerely, Liz Meyer - Newfoundland's

I have to tell you, not like you do not hear it all the time, how impressed I am with your products.  I ordered the White on White last month and was so impressed that I ordered the Ice on Ice and Black on Black.  I have two Australian Shepherds and the difference in just one bath had impressed me so much I honestly think I will order larger sizes to use on my pet grooms.  My black-tri bitch was so sun bleached, even with the use of sunscreen, your black on black took care of that with one bath.  I have also started using the Ice on Ice during my daily routine to prevent the dirt staining and the sun bleaching.  Thank you for such  wonderful products.  Keep up the great work!!!  Melanie D. McMillen - Mornin' Son Aussies

I just need to say THANKS!  I am a dog Groomer in Israel and I heard of your products through groomers lists.  While at a dog show in Dortmund Germany I noticed a stand with your products.  Ran over and bought Ice on Ice and Silk Spirits.  I myself have a South Russian Sheepdog, about the size of a bobtail, she has just finished her heat cycle and I took her to work to bathe her and WOW!  Since the last show 31st December I haven't combed her on purpose so I could see what happens, NOT only did she stay white (she is pure white) she didn't have mats.  Thank you for these products.  Marlene

Hi-I ordered your Ice on Ice some time ago, and I LOVE it!  I took my bitch out of oil and just doused her in Ice on Ice and she did NOT matt, she has been in oil for over a year... I have never been successful taking dogs out of oil before!  Thanks, Cheryll Ann Limso - Davao Philippines -

Thanks!-I just wanted to give you cudos for making great dog grooming products... White On White, Day To Day, Ice On Ice and Show Off.  I am currently campaigning my two 2 yr. old Bulldogs CJB Mister B-Dozer ("Dozer") and CJB Little Miss Fancy Pants ("Pewny") and they both have a significant amount of white on them... in fact, Dozer is 99% all white.  I have tried all the other "whitening" shampoos (Ring-5, Biogroom, Winners Circle, etc.) and none of them stand up to White On White!   I always get complimented at shows on the condition and clean color of my Bulldogs.   And I owe most of it to your excellent products.  Thanks again!  Brad Bonato, OHA - Meatheads, Ltd. Spring Grove IL - Bulldogs

Dear CCS- First of all I would like to say that from all products I have ever tried (believe me I have tried a lot) yours are absolutely the best.  When you have introduced your AFTER BATH I was asking if it is also recommended for long haired dogs.  Now, after using it since more than one year I can let you know that this product is the best ever used for my six long haired Shih Tzu.  I could not imagine how to handle the coat care without AFTER BATH and ICE ON ICE.  Best regards, Dagmar & MAITREYA Shih Tzu in Austria

WONDERFUL!  I HAD to e-mail you to say that ICE ON ICE is FABULOUS!!!  I poured the whole thing on my dog as a final rinse and it is FABULOUS!!!  I have used it on 4 dogs in coat and it is the MOST WONDERFUL PRODUCT I have ever tried!  It is BETTER than Crown Royal brushing spray or Vellus Static Stabilizer!  IT’S WONDERFUL!!!  IT’S WONDERFUL!!!  IT’S WONDERFUL!!!  I will ORDER AGAIN!!!  Take care, Cheryll

It was great speaking with you this morning.  It is so nice to see a company that still sets a high standard for their customers and is educated on the products that they sell.  I have been using your "White on White" shampoo and your "Ice on Ice" conditioning spray for about a year now and it has set a new standard at "Best Paw Forward".  We receive nothing but praise from our clients and the improved condition of the dogs' coats were noticeable after a few visits.  Our show dogs look outstanding in the ring and our celebrity clients refuse to have their dogs groomed anywhere else.  I would like to thank you for a great product-line and if you ever need a spokesperson, I would be more than happy to oblige.  Over the years, I have sampled dozens of products and by far, Chris Christensen is superior.  Sincerely, Billy Bures - coat and hygiene specialist, Best Paw Forward, Mt. Vernon, NY

I ordered three products from you a few months ago (Black on Black, After Bath, and Ice on Ice).  And I have to say I'm in love!  We have issues with my two black-and-tan dogs turning red since we're outside so much.  I bathe them with the system once a month and cannot even describe how thrilled I am with the results.  Everyone at the dog park, in the woods, and in my neighborhood raves about how shiny and black my two pups look, and how gorgeous their coats are.  The Ice on Ice worked so well on my cocker (tons of conditioning, but still tons of volume) that I tried it on my hair.  Now it's an essential part of my morning routine.  No more fly-aways but no less volume.  Thanks for such a great product.  I've been recommending it for a while to all my friends on dogster ( and to all my groomer friends in the real world.  I know several of them have tried it and are thrilled too!  You've definitely got repeat customers with us! Sincerely, Sara Hoffee

I just received my order from you.  I have 16 month old bi-color German Shepherd bitch. She absolutely hated grooming until I brushed her with her new 27mm T-Brush.   Now she stands quietly for as long as I want to brush.  We also tried the Clean Start Kit.  She has short, thin coat for a Shepherd, but your products made her look superb.  And with Ice on Ice she looks as good today as she did yesterday after her bath and blow-dry.  Thanks so much for your great products, Karen

Dear Chris, I have been using Ice on Ice, Gold on Gold probably over a year now.  Everyone that meets my Yorkshire Terrier (Cookie) always comments on his super shiny and silky coat!  This stuff is amazing and non-greasy which I love!  I spray after bathing him and during blow-drying for an extra beautiful shiny coat.  Thank you!  Let me just tell you that I have wasted a lot of money on other products and NONE compare to yours!  I just got a Maltese almost 2 months ago and the Ice on Ice and White on White is simply awesome on her coat as well.  Thank you!  Thank you!! Genie, Cookie & Lola - Port Saint Lucie, Florida


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