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Choosing the right blade



Stripping Knives 

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Folding Pocket Stripping Knives
The NEW Folding Pocket Stripping Knives were designed with longevity and quality in mind. Each blade folds into its ergonomic handle to protect it while not in use and to protect clothing for ring-side use. The Folding Pocket Stripping Knives come in four blade styles: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse.




Folding Stripping Knife Set w/ FREE signature tool roll!

#K293Extra Fine Folding Stripping Knife     $50.00
#K294Fine Folding Stripping Knife$50.00
#K295Coarse Folding Stripping Knife$50.00
#K296Medium Folding Stripping Knife$50.00
#L103Tool Roll Folding Stripping Knife$15.00

Professional Stripping Knives

Introducing the NEW Chris Christensen Pro Knives! These knives are made to the specifications of serious exhibitors and professional handlers of wire coated breeds. The Pro Knives have the approval and have met the expectations of professional handlers of coarse coated breeds; with their lightweight stainless steel blades in Medium and Coarse teeth, and honed to the right sharpness, they get the job done, without cutting the coat. Their smooth, thin wood handles add grip without bulk.


#K291Professional Stripping Knife Set w/ FREE Leather Tool Pouch$160.00

Medium Pro Knife            

#K298Coarse Pro Knife $80.00
#L104Leather Tool Pouch$10.00


Michelangelo Sculpting Stones

Pulls hair, won't cut it!

Remove bad coat without damaging skin or good coat.  A sculpting tool for any breed, pulls wild hairs & doesn't cut them.  Eliminate wild hairs and remove flyaway hairs for fine-tuning.  Remove unsightly soft hair build up on ears or in ears without injuring the skin.   Short coated breeds; virtually rub off unwanted coat.  Terriers; rolling coats, detail work, grabs fine hairs without breaking.  No  more cutting or breaking coat.  Made of pure sandstone.



Sculpting stones set of 3


Stone On A Stick

Designed as an all purpose stripping tool. Provides a comfortable wood handles topped with a coarse stone for gentle hair removal. Perfect for carding; just firm strokes in the hair growth to remove loose coat.


Stone On A Stick              


Leather Stripping Knife Roll

Perfect protection for your stripping knives

Our genuine leather stripping knife roll is the perfect protection for your Chris Christensen stripping knives. It clasps securely closed to prevent stripping knives from falling out, and fits 4 stripping knives inside.

#L103Leather Stripping Knife Roll$15.00


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