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Hi-I just wanted to tell you that I have always used what I thought were good brushes on my Maltese... I'd buy the usual brands at shows... I would push on the pins and if there was a soft cushy response I thought that I was getting a good brush for her!  THEN I tried the TIP TEST!  I couldn't believe how those "good" brushes scratched my arm when I just BARELY touched my arm!  It left white scratch marks!  I can't believe what I've been doing to my poor baby for the past four years!  I immediately ordered one of your gold brushes and went to a beauty supply to purchase a rubber brush that resembled a pin brush to use until yours arrived.   As soon as the gold brush arrived, I did the pin tip test down my arm and couldn't believe it when there were no scratches left behind!  It is amazingly different and the extra pins do an even better job of keeping her free of mats!  Thanks so much for the wonderful brush!  It's worth its weight in gold!   Thanks again!  Vera and a very thankful Roxie!


Hello, On advice of a friend, I recently purchased two of the large wooden brushes.  I LOVE them!  So, when I was at the Heart of America shows in Kansas City, Missouri last weekend and saw the smaller one, I just had to have it.  I was telling another customer how much I loved it, when your sales person appeared and told us the story of how the brush was invented, believe me he got a huge hug from me!  With three Briards, I can't use a brush that is going to damage or break coat.  These are just the BEST brushes for harsh coat - no snagging, no breaking - just wonderful.  Your salesperson was also kind enough to give me some grooming tips and his "recipe" for using Ice on Ice with a little Day to Day Conditioner mixed in it.  I definitely feel that it was money well spent! Thank you, Deanna Vick

I wanted to thank you for sending the Oblong pin brush 27mm.  I had asked your opinion as to what would be best for my mini size Eskie and although I had ordered an oval brush I tried the oblong and it is so much better for line brushing.  Thanks for your help.  My dogs and I enjoy your quality products (3 mini poos and one Eskie). Pat Armstrong

Hello:  I am new to the show dog arena and am the proud owner of a keeshond puppy.  I bought my first brush (27mm) 2 weeks ago and my puppy (Jimmy) loves it!  I have already referred the manager of "Pet Supplies Plus" in Wyoming Michigan to inquire about becoming a distributor of the Chris Christensen Systems!  Nori

Dear Chris, I just received my small oval wooden pin brush on Thursday.  I have an almost two-year-old Havanese who has been terrified of being groomed since we got her at 8 weeks of age.  Because of the difficulty I have had in grooming her, I have kept her in a short coat for most of her life so far.  She is just my baby girl, not a show dog, but we've been wanting to see how she would be in a "real Havanese coat".  I broke down and took her to a groomer in October who shaved her down to the skin. She was so traumatized by that experience, that she hid and shivered for days afterward.  If she sees me even glance in the direction of her brush and comb, she slinks away like a beaten dog. The wooden pin brush is a lifesaver.  It glides through her coat like her coat was made of air.  When it hits a snag, I can hear it, but it does not cause her any pain.  No more wincing, cringing, crying, and trying to get away.  She relaxes into her brushing session like the brush is a hypnotic or something.  Today she went for a walk in the woods with us and came home full of twigs and mud.  She had a bath and afterward I brushed her wet coat with the wooden brush.  It works like magic.  I belong to an online dog group with a bunch of ladies, and my husband and I actually made a little "infomercial" last night so I could show them this wonderful brush.  They also were impressed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this, because I was so tired of hurting her. I want one for MY hair next!  And I can't wait to try your other products. Sincerely, Terri Selvey, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Dear Beth, The tools that you recommended for "Zorro's Kit" are a dream to work with!  Zorro has never really loved being groomed... he tolerated it.  Now he is an eager and willing participant!  The brushes must be so much more comfortable against his skin, and, I'm really glad I went ahead and ordered the Tote Bag!  Impressive! Thanks again for all your consulting help.  It was daunting to start from scratch.  Zorro already looks MUCH more magnificent!  I'll have to take some "after" photos to send you! Take care, Marcy Wright & Zorro

Dear CCS, Well, these lists get so boring - we are all so busy, so I thought I would write a review, I am not involved with the company or anything.  I just am surprised I like this thing so much I thought I would share... I have been using the Chris Christensen wood pin brush for a couple of months now and I LOVE IT!  OK, it's a trip!  The pins are actually wood.  I got it at a grooming expo a couple of months ago and was pretty skeptical, it overly separates the hair (the pins are big) so you don't want to use it at the show, but it really does glide through the coat and catches the mats gently so you can feel where they are and go back and remove them.  I thought I would use it on our visitor Lulu while she is here, but now I am using it on everybody!  It is so great for those dogs that HATE having their feet brushed with a pin brush or slicker, it has rounded polished wood tips.  I still brush the hair at the show with a comb or pin brush, but for drying at home, the wood brush has become my #1 brush.  I even bought a second one this weekend so I have one in both places I groom dogs.  I LOVE using it on a wet dog and it has helped me with a couple of matted messes also.  I use it more on the hairless than I ever thought I would.  In fact I am hardly using my metal pin brush at all anymore, except at the shows.  I also was very skeptical that I would break the pins.  But, I haven't dropped it, smacked it etc. and I have groomed about 50 times with it (4-1 ratio hairless to puff) and it looks like new.  Also, I got a sample of the Spectrum 10 when I got my second brush this weekend and loved what it did with the first dog I bathed...maybe I'll have a shampoo review in a few weeks. Jennifer Young-Johnson - Shida Chinese Cresteds & Xolos

Dear Lisa, I just wanted to thank you so much for the grooming supplies.  I won the contest on doodle kisses and was so excited.  The 16mm T-brush is amazing.  It has made a huge difference with my doodle Steve and my mom's dog Jack.  Jack has a really curly coat and it has helped his matting a lot.  I really like the Day to Day System as well.  It makes Steve's coat very soft and easy to brush through.  I wrote a review of all the products I received on so hopefully you get some business from that.  I'm sure my mom will be buying one of the pin brushes soon.  Thanks again, Meredith Forman

Chris spent some time chatting with me at Westminster and I got a T-Brush for my Kuvasz.  He loves the brush - It is the only one this 9-month old pup will sit still for.  Works beautifully on his thick curly coat!    Thanks - Ona Wang

I just had to tell you that the new Wood Pin brush is WONDERFUL!  So nice on skin and coat.  All my friends with Standards are getting a wood pin brush for Christmas.  Very good product.    Judy Paris 

I was delighted to receive my order today - 28th July 2008, as I had only placed my order last Tuesday afternoon, 22nd July.  THANK YOU for the prompt service.  I absolutely love the new slickers, a friend of mine brought some back from Sweden while at the world dog show.  I tried them on my dogs (Miniature Poodles) and they give a beautiful finish on the coat.  Thanks again  Jenneffer Raftl - Australia

Dear Chris, Picture this:  One Irish Wolfhound in serious need of grooming before finishing his Majors/Championship.  The Irish Wolfhound leaves when he sees you get out the slicker brush.  The Irish Wolfhound lays on his belly, covering legs and putting head under the bed when you go to strip his ears.  This is not a pretty picture, and on top of that, he is a Therapy dog, at school, at the library and at the Veteran's Hospital.  Constant baths only soften his already less than crisp coat.  Now, picture this:  Chris Christensen riding to the rescue; First it was the shears.  Those wonderful shears that work their magic without him hardly knowing you are working on his ears.  Cutting off shaggy hair from those great feet make them look so tight and rounded.  The shears look funny, with those half moon cut outs on the sides, but they are the miracle I needed.  Then I was presented my next wonder:  the wooden pin brush from your Rep.  Tynan has never tolerated the metal slicker brush - it has always been a 2 man job (he weights 175 lbs to brush him).  I won't say he loves it, but he stands and allows me to do the job instead of covering up everything he can.  I was also given the small vials of various products that come in a plastic packet of four - one of which is Miracle Air.  I can now go several weeks without bathing him before each of his visits - and he does not have his doggy smell.  This is wonderful stuff.  I have seen several other things that interest me and will try.  Thank you for having such quality products.  (And, by the way, he did finish his championship easily)!  Jo Ann Lakin

I have a very heavy coated Bench Eng. Setter.  I have used your Boar Bristle Brush, Silk Spirits, After Bath and Ice on Ice.  Two things I "cant live without" are the brush and Silk Spirits!  My setter gets matted very easily.  I rub Silk Spirits between my finger and her hair, and take a comb and the mat just slips away.  Great product.  Debbie B

Hi Chris, about a month ago I stumbled upon your website by accident (it was a good accident) and was very impressed by how well your products read that I had to order some (Ice on Ice, Show Off, Day to Day Shampoo, Fusion Brush, Boar Brush, Buttercombs, the Zone and Termite Shears).  My sheltie of almost 17 years passed on in February of this year and I now have a sheltie pup that is 9 months old.  Billy did have and Chance will have a gorgeous coat of hair and I am so very pleased to have found such a good selection of grooming products and tools.  There is absolutely no comparison between the pet store products and tools and yours.  The brushes, combs and of course the Ice on Ice are the greatest!!!  The brushes and combs literally glide right through a fairly course coat of hair.  The Ice on Ice is going to be great as Chance gets his adult coat.  It allows for easy brushing without changing the texture of the sheltie hair.  It is everything you said it is!!  For the sheltie, it is great to work into the areas behind the ears, armpits and around the collar to prevent matting.  For the little bit of trimming of the feet and ears to keep the sheltie tidy, the termite and zone are wonderful.  I can't believe how smoothly and easily they cut - so unlike most shears that saw the hair.  Although I have only one dog, I will certainly pass on your name to anyone looking for excellent grooming products and tools.  Lastly, I want to mention how great your customer service department is.  Being a new customer and not familiar with the products - being I had only the information I read on the website, of course I had some questions.  When I was ready to order, the customer service person that I spoke with had all the time and knowledge needed so that I was sure I was getting the right products and tools for my sheltie.  Again, my compliments for a great line and for having such good customer service available for your customers.  It was like talking to a friend over the phone while placing the order.  I usually don't take time to write about products, but I am just so pleased to have found the Chris Christensen line that I had to let you know.  All the best, Lisa Sluzewski 

Dear Chris, I am a great believer in the old adage "it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools".  I am also a firm believer in using equipment and shampoos that will make my job easier and the results better.  I was first introduced to Chris and his products many years ago.  The first product that I used was his whitening shampoo.  It was apparent that to all of us that there was no product to compare to it.  Then I sampled one of his pin brushes.  My reaction was to throw out all my old brushes in my tack box and buy three more!!  I am serious when I tell you that this is the same reaction we have had to all of Chris's products.  From shampoos and conditioners to blow dryers, from stripping knives to thinning shears to brushes and combs.  I am not the hardest "sell" in my organization.  Anyone who knows my daughter, Jenny, KNOWS we refer to her as the "queen of products".  She is our biggest fan of Chris's products.  If you were to ask me why his products are superior, I can sum it up easily.  Chris is a perfectionist.  He is innovative and he listens to his customers.  His products are always the top of the line.  If you have any suggestions, he is always willing to listen.  How refreshing is that!!!!!! Sincerely, Wood Wornall

I received my order yesterday for the grooming items I ordered last week.  I want to thank you for the great level of service your firm and personnel provide as well as the variety and quality of products you offer.  I have purchased some of the Chris Systems products from you previously, both at dog shows and from your web site.  I am always thrilled with the quality and the results.  My girl Gaia (a 2.5 year old bouvier) is a big fan.  She loves to be groomed with her new pin brush and comb and I really enjoy using them.  They are so comfortable for both of us and deliver great results.  I am going to add the new Fusion brush to my list of "needs", perhaps Santa will help me out.  I have been singing your praises to many of my friends and fellow yahoo group members.  It is so great to have a Canadian company that I can purchase these (and many other) items from.  I have suggested Ice on Ice, which is somewhat of a miracle product for those of us with dogs carrying long, thick, prone to mat coats many times to other bouvier cyber friends on my bouvier list.  I suspect with the dreaded snow clumps soon to be happening that many of them will be ordering this from you.  Thanks again, Mary Heath and Gaia the gorgeous

Greetings!-I am so thrilled with your pin brushes and wanted to tell you so!  I show-groom my 3 year old Havanese and use your 27mm brushes; the little wonder, the pocket brush, and oval size 27mm and the oblong 27mm.  Love them all!!!  I just recommended your Ice on Ice to a new Havanese owner and wanted to send her to your site for the wonderful articles on coat care.  Chris Christensen wrote a wonderful article on how to line brush and how to avoid hair breakage.  You have a wonderful product line!  I also loved using the Silk Spirits!!!  Thanks for sending the sample!  I ordered it from Cherrybrook!  All best regards, Alison Brackman - Brooklyn, NY – Havanese

Thank you for such wonderful products.  I couldn't have my Poms in show condition without them.  I tried another line but came back to Chris Christensen!!  I use your brushes, shampoos and conditioner, I LOVE the White on White for my cream Pom.   The new foaming protein conditioner really fluffs up the coat on my dogs.  I just finished my Pom male last Friday, and my bitch puppy had 11 points at just 7 months old, good grooming was a factor.  I just couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks for the fantastic help you give me with your products!  Geneva Coats - Chino CA - Poms

Hey Lisa, I recently purchased some products from you to groom my show Llamas.  I will have to say your brushes and Ice on Ice are AWESOME and we came home from our show with a Reserve Grand Champ for my 2 yr. LT wool male and a Grand Champ in Jr. Performance.  Thank you so much, and I look forward to using your products at our next show in June!!  Rebecca Wood

We purchased your ZONE - Trimming Shear, Blunted & Fillistered 5.5" Shear in Ocala, FL at the Gainesville show last Sunday, January 26, 2008.  We also got two Gold Series 20mm and 27mm brushes and a silver 20mm pocket/toy brush, the 7.5" inch skip tooth comb and a snap-on handle, and the Mark X tiny head slicker.  The vendor also gave us a sample White on White Kit.  If your grooming products works as well as your brushes/combs/shears, I'm sure we will be using full-size products shortly.  We have two Bearded Collies and plan to add a couple more, so your tools are fabulous!  And tonight we are ordering a Mark V triangle slicker, having used another Beardie couple's Mark V on one of their dogs and being highly impressed.  We are so impressed.  I'd say your tools will cut 75% off our grooming time.  Thanks for being out there!  If the vendor had not let us take a brush to a Beardie and test it, I would not believe how effective your brushes are.  And another Beardie friend was adding to her set of Christensen brushes and swore by your products.  People who don't have long-haired, double-coated dogs could never understand Beardie peoples' excitement at finding tools that work so well and save so much time.   Rod & Laura Brooker - Tampa FL.  

Hi Lisa- I rarely take the time to write a company about their product.  But, I am so happy with your products I just have to let you know.  I have a Goldendoodle.  His coat is the color and length of a Golden Retriever yet with the tight curls of a Poodle.  We live in Colorado where the air is dry and full of static and the hiking trails are full of sticks and burrs.  You can imagine how messy his coat can get!  The best brush ever for getting through all that fuzz is your 27mm T-Brush.  We use the Day to Day Shampoo and Conditioner, and your Silk Spirits, liquid Silk Protein.  My gosh, that Silk Spirits really makes such a difference!  His coat feels so smooth and soft.  Thank you, really....Thank you!  Ingrid Carlson

I recently ordered a pin brush, a boar bristle brush and the White on White System kit.   Today I used the White on White shampoo, the Thick N Thicker Protein, After Bath and Ice on Ice finishing spray on my two year old Papillon. WOW!!!  Prior to the use of your products, he's never liked being groomed although I have tried to be as gentle as possible.  He would make nasty faces and bite the brush.  After his bath today, your pin brush went through his coat like a hot knife through butter.  I was done in a matter of minutes and he is one happy little Pap.  And, he smells good too.  I am getting ready for my debut in the conformation ring and knowing that I will not have to make my little guy uncomfortable to make him ring worthy will boost my confidence.   Great products.  Thanks, Julie Paige - Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Greetings to all you wonderful people at CC Systems! - Several years ago my sister got me another company’s pin brush at a dog show to use on my own thinning hair.  The handle broke (plastic) and the pins constantly needed to be pulled back out.  I also had tried many, many styling products to try to achieve some fullness on my follicle-challenged pate and was getting really tired of strategic placement of each remaining hair.  OH HAPPY DAY!  When I was fortunate enough to come across your web site.  I called and asked about your gold pin brushes and was treated with excellent customer service and was given great info about your products.  I purchased a pin brush, the Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein and the Super Hold Spray. WOW!  Everyone at work has commented on how good my hair looks, and I won't be wasting any more money on useless volumizers and hairsprays.  Thanks for answering my prayers!  A. Porch - San Jose, CA

Hi Folks-I wanted to write and tell you about the brushes I bought from you.  Jhonen has always hated to be brushed and I have tried every type in an effort to find one that he'd tolerate.  We own many different slickers, pin brushes, natural bristle, rubber tooth, and combs too numerous to count... and he hates all of them.  I brush him every day and it has always been a struggle.  I read about the Chris Christensen brushes and decided to try them.  They were very expensive ($25.00). but I was desperate... I opened the box and laughed as Jhonen literally danced around the floor on his hind legs.. he knew the package held some wonderful surprise for him.  That goes to show how spoiled this dog is!  LOL!  I ordered two "pin" brushes, a mini 20mm and a 27mm.  We sat on the couch and I first gently brushed his back... NO response, squirming or bolting away... I brushed his head and mustache... same thing!   Not only did he sit quietly for the brushing, he rolled over for me to do his stomach.  I still can't believe it...!  I don't know what is about these brushes that make them so different from all the others we've tried.  I read that the pins are specially polished to be "non-scratching".  Anyway, he actually enjoyed the brushing... except for his legs... still a struggle brushing those.  I don't know if the company has a "satisfaction guaranteed" policy, but for those with bichons resistant to brushing, they might be worth a try.  By the way, I have no relation with the company, but I am so thrilled with these things, I thought you all might be interested.  Have a wonderful day!  Valerie - Bichons

Hi Chris- Greetings from down under Australia.  Just an e-mail to say that I was given a pin brush of yours as a gift and it is great on my American Cocker Spaniels coats.  I wished I had purchased one earlier but I have placed an order for a gold pin brush.   It makes grooming Abby's coat so easy without pulling out excessive hair.   I am very impressed with this brush.  Regards, Sharon Shone, AMSPAN American Cocker Spaniels, Queensland Australia

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Christensen, designer of the wonderful Chris Christensen brushes that many Zoners use.  I told him about Baron's coat, and that I was thinking about adding a C.C.S Slicker because I was so happy with the pin brush I ordered.  Chris suggested that I try the 16mm T-Brush.  I'm pleased to tell you all that after a week of using it I LOVE IT!  This brush is great - it acts like a combination of a slicker and pin brush to remove the dead hair easily and with little effort on my part.  It works great on Baron's plush coat, and also can be used on Grafin's smooth (but double) Rottie coat.  These brushes are expensive ( my husband has no idea HOW expensive they are!  But, IMO they're worth every penny!  Lorelle Jones

Dear Folks-I am so happy with your products.  Talked with a helpful person there and it was suggested to try the 16mm T-Brush with the wavy handle for my 2 Schipperkes, had previously used a rake which had to use very carefully so as not to pull their hair.   I LOVE THIS T-BRUSH!!!  It totally does the job of removing the dead undercoat and one of them especially has a super thick double coat and they also love it, no pulling at all!  Yippee!  Worth every penny!  Also bought the gold brush for my soon-to-be new Maltese and know it will be great too.  Thanks, Pam G.

Dear Chris Christensen-There are absolutely no words to express how fabulous these pin brushes are, I am using both the 16mm T-Brush and the 27mm Oblong brush depending on the hair and the dog.   Wonderful, wonderful products.  I am so glad I now know who you are!  Lynne

Dear CCS-I got my order tonight.  I used the gold 35mm brush.  I could tell that it would work well just by looking at the long and numerous teeth.  She LOVED IT!   She wouldn't stop kissing me while I was brushing her.  I also ordered the tiny slicker brush which worked very well on the knots under the arms.  Tomorrow, I will use the shampoo, etc.  Kathi Summers

Hi-I was very happy to see your ad in the AKC Gazette.  I have been using your 35mm pin brush for almost a year and recently purchased a second.  I purchased both at Cherrybrook at dog shows.  Three friends of mine are also using your brushes now.   Whenever anyone asks me about grooming equipment I tell them about the brush.   I just visited your site and will be purchasing some of your grooming products in near future.  I have 10 Pekingese dogs and show and breed on a limited basis.  I was reluctant to purchase your brush the first time because of the price.  I am so happy I did!!!  It is spectacular.  I can't say enough good things about it.   It's the best brush I have ever used and goes right through the thickest coats.   I had previously used All Systems and several other pin brushes.  The pins would push in after a short time and even worse, the whole rubber base would come out.   It was very frustrating and your "expensive" brush has saved me a fortune!  All the pins are still out and the base has never detached.  Thank you so much for this great product and I will continue to recommend it to everyone.  Nancy - Pekingese

Hi-We love your products.  Thank you for your newest catalog.  We now only use your combs and brushes which are easy to use and kind to the coat - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you for developing these products.  We especially liked the new After Bath you sent us last year.  We used it after my shampoo for a conditioner.  I am also a Therapy D and clients always comment on how nice, clean, soft and shiny  my hair is and I smell sooooo good.  My mom is ordering some more of your products and I also sent you pictures of my new brother "Buster Brown".  And, of course my mom thanks you too!  Thanks, Classy - Sassy, I'm 4 years old

Pam Wrote:

I got one of the CC 16mm T Brushes from Barb, and it's like having 9 wide tooth combs to put through a dog's coat in one swipe...similar to a slicker brush, but better, the pins are just 16mm, kind of stiff, but what a nice job it does during fluff-out under a dryer!  I use this brush on darn near every Bichon I do!  Then just the last little 10% with a fluffing slicker brush...what a great pin brush, and "who'd thunk?"



Barbara Wrote:


"Who'd thunk" is exactly right about the Chris Christensen 16mm T Brush.  I never would have thunk myself, if it had not come up in a conversation I had with Chris Christensen about brushes.  We talked for an hour about the finer points of brushes.  It was an education.  Part of my reason for wanting to learn more about brushes is that I have become interested in wanting to minimize the damage done to hair during grooming.  During our conversation, Chris shared that he can't stock enough of these 16mm T Brushes at dog shows.  The owners of undercoated breeds are crazy about this brush.  I got one and started using it on a number of differently coated dogs and it has become my favorite brush.  The brush has very short, rather stiff pins on a "T" shaped handle.  This short stiff pins work great for many tasks, such as removing loose undercoat and fluff drying.  Each pin is polished and rounded at the tip, so there is minimal assault to the hair cuticle.  I am going to write more about it on the GroomBlog soon.  Altough this brush is marketed for use on shorter coats, it works very well on longer coats.  I'm using it instead of a slicker on all my fluff dries - I haven't eliminated the slicker altogether, but use it about 1/10th of the time I used to.  As Pam writes, I slicker just the last minute - for me, even less than the last 10%.  Less damage to the hair cuticle during grooming translates into less re-matting.  I'm going to be doing a presentation on this at Atlanta Pet Fair.


To Chris Christensen-Sorry this thank you is late being sent to you.  I met you at the Portland shows this past January and you kindly sent me one of your new Buttercombs.  "I Love It!!!!!"  It is amazing how it goes through the dog’s hair so easily.  Now with my 27mm oval pin brush, the Mark III and Mark V slickers and your grooming products, grooming the dogs has never been easier.  I really mean it and they look better than ever before.  Thank you, Linda Mullen - Tahluu Siberians

Hi-I just want to tell you that every time I buy a Chris Christensen Systems product - I just love it.  I started out with Peace & Kindness, then the Thick N Thicker products which are awesome.  I just purchased the Silk Spirits and I really like that too.  I bought the little slicker brush last weekend at a show and one of the Buttercombs and was given a sample of the After Bath - I've used it on 2 of my Aussies and it's also awesome!!!!  Just wanted to let you know to keep those products coming!!!  Peggy - Caliquin Australian Shepherds, Westminster, MD.

I just received my order from you.  I have 16 month old bi-color German Shepherd bitch. She absolutely hated grooming until I brushed her with her new 27mm T-Brush.   Now she stands quietly for as long as I want to brush.  We also tried the Clean Start Kit.  She has short, thin coat for a Shepherd, but your products made her look superb.  And with Ice on Ice she looks as good today as she did yesterday after her bath and blow-dry.  Thanks so much for your great products, Karen

Hello-I just wanted to thank you so much for your Amazing products!  I have 3 Lhasa Apsos, all in full show coat.  My male just became a champion in December thanks to your wonderful products, Gold pin brushes, great combs and helpful advice!  I was floundering before!  I also wanted to let you know that I order 2 to 3 brushes and combs at a time, and I used to take them all to the shows, I would bring a VERY LARGE BAG of very expensive products, but every show those brushes and combs were missing!   People know a GOOD THING when they see it!  I guard them with my life now!   They are not that expensive, well worth the value, but I can't be without my Chris Christensen brushes and combs.  Thanks again so much, Diane Pfeifer

We have turned many people onto your brushes... we love them (someone else must have thought they look great too... they stole our 20mm pocket brush, we take to the ringside, with our name, me on it in large letters... they still took it).  So, I just ordered another one, plus two of your gold series, thinking they will stand out more and we will be able to keep an eye on them better.  We have Shiloh Shepherds (plush coat), our fur kids love to be brushed with your brushes (my one guy, lays right down when he sees I'm coming to brush him with your T-Brush) the other two love them also.  It seems to make brushing easier, and their coats shiny.  Also, our one fur kid stepped on a bee at a rest stop, besides giving him Benadryl, we put your Peace & Kindness spray on his paw, it seemed to give him some relief, continued it during the evening, then the next day his paw seemed good as new, he was good to go for the Show.  Everyone (Shiloh people), that have tried our brushes, have gone home and ordered them, they just love your products.  We will continue to spread the word on your products... they are wonderful!!! Thank you.  Big Licks from our Fur kids Sincerely, Traci & Gary Runyon


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Photo Credits: Large Slideshow: Anasazi Life's a Journey (Journey), Owners - Eric and Crystin Sedman, Cloverfield Salukis, Photographer - Jim Wallace; CH Trumpet's We Started Nothing (Punky), Owner - Beth Blankenship, Photographer - Beth Blankenship; Ponjude's Polish Jewel Janek Dane, Kokos Norbinskie Doliny, Ciacho Dziechcinek z Ponjude, Owner - Judy Siudzinski Torge, Photographer - Judy Torge; CH Jazzland Lady Sings the Blues (Miss Billie Howliday), Owners - Sylvia Bailey and Cynthia Meiely, Photographer - Sylvia Bailey; Altair's Harriet the Spy (Harriet), Owner - Echo J Rummel, Photographer - The Winning Image Tom Weigand; Wake’s Beautiful Day Dream (Lyla), Owners – Jana King and Joe Wake, Photographer – Tom Wyant; GCH Dragonfly’s My TyBaby (Ty), Owner –Joanne Sterhell, Photographer – Kenneth Reed Photography; BIS/BISS GCH. Lohona Zephyr I Can’t Look Away (Liz), Owner – Dan L. Haley, Photographer – DebiLynn Fendley Studios; (Bodhi and Karma), Owner – Brent and Tina Robbins, Photographer – Tina Robbins; GCH Smash JP Winning Ribbon (Ribbon), Owner – Jan Steinhour, Photographer Vicki Holloway Photos; Champion Extoiquebenals Paloma Picasso of Leopard Babies (Picasso), Owner – Deborah Kelly, Photographer – Vicki Howell of Simple Focus; AM/CAN CH Ryslip Oz Connexion (Ronnie), Owner- Warren & Ann Phillips and Sarah Houle, Photographer – Liz Pike; Shetland Sheepdog: Ch. Redfield Intrique (Brit), Owners - Mary Mahaffey and Jean Adair, Photographer - Mary Mahaffey; Black Russian Terrier: Lance's Angel Vladamir, Owners - Tina Crowe and Lance Eldredge, Photographer - Tina Crowe; Thumbnail Slideshow: Afghan Hound: GCH Stormhill's Sweet Dreams of Raffica, Owners - Garrett & Sue Games, Sandra Frei, Terri Vanderzee, Photographer - Maritime City Photography; American Staffordshire Terrier: Shady Ln's ScarletTeenAhh (Gina), Owner -  Linda Fitzgarald, Shade lane AmStaff's, Photographer - Laurie Shoemaker; Persian: (CFA) Kozy It Is What It Is! Owners - Cyndi Lewis, Calcat Persians, Photographer - Chanon; Rough Collie: To be Announced; Norwich Terrier: GCH Ch. Shorttales The Secret of The Mansion of K-Town (Macie), Owners -  Paula Smiddy and Tamsin Sandin, K-Town Norwich Terriers, Photographer - Kenneth Reed Photography; Giant Schnauzer: Ch. El Lobo Guillermo Max, Owners - Terry and Alma Frazier Lakeside Giants, Photographer - Alma Frazier;